Turnov Education centre

Our public benefit organization was founded in 2004 by the city of Turnov and secondary schools of Turnov in order to provide lifelong education. Our clients are recruited not only from the general public, but also schools, instititions and businesses.

We offer mostly language courses, IT classes and various interests workshops. For companies, we organize turnkey projects.

School Education is another priority of ours. Within DVPP (Further Education of Pedagogical Staff) we hold seminars and workshops for kindergarten, primary and secondary teachers.

T-Centrum (Talentcentre) has been an important part of our portfolio as well. It specializes in cognitively talented pupils and students and develops their competences through interest workshops focused on biology, chemistry, physics, robotics, creative writing, and foreign languages.

In social sphere, we train and requalify social services workers and administer professional seminars addressing their requirements.

Finally, our activity involves project work primarily in school education. We have carried out more than twenty projects so far. Nowadays, three individual projects are being realized. They deal with mentoring, inclusion and connecting formal and informal education.

Organization structure

Director: Jaroslava Dudkova, dudkova@vctu.cz
Organizational manager: Alena Jandikova, jandikova@vctu.cz
Organizational manager: Monika Svancarova, svancarova@vctu.cz
T-Centre organizational manager, project manager: Marcela Jandova, jandova@vctu.cz
Accountant, administrative issues: Miluse Tomanova, tomanova@vctu.cz

Vzdělávací centrum Turnov
obecně prospěšná společnost

Jana Palacha 804
511 01 Turnov

telefon: 604 988 480
e-mail: info@vctu.cz
web: www.vctu.cz

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